Repair vs Replace

Understanding Your Repair and Replacement Options

Deciding to replace versus repair your current heating and cooling system can be a daunting task. With Miller’s Heating and Air’s reputation for being up front, smart, and honest, we can make that decision a little easier on you and your family. Since we are partnered with Trane who has the reputation of being reliability, efficiency, and sensible comfort, a Trane heating and cooling system is always the right choice. We hope you find this guide helpful in your decision making process.

Points to Consider:

  • A Trane matched system with R410A refrigerant is the preferred quality and comfort system.
  • Trane matched systems provide industry leading efficiency, reliability and comfort.
  • With approved credit, Miller’s Heating and Air offers industry leading consumer financing and convenient monthly payment options to make system ownership a more compelling option than to repair.
  • A new air conditioner or heat pump could cut the monthly cost of heating and cooling your home, by up to 50%.
  • A Trane matched systems offer a minimum of a 10 year compressor warranty and 5 year coil and parts warranty up to a 12 year compressor warranty and 10 year coil and parts warranty. Give you peace of mind over repairing an old and unreliable air conditioner or heat pump.
  • R410A systems represent a majority of all new heating and cooling systems sold and meet all of the current government requirements.

A Dry Ship R22 model is preferred to a repair of your existing air conditioner or heat pump.*

  • A Dry Ship R22* air conditioner or heat pump offers increased efficiency levels over a compressor change-out on an older existing system.
  • Dry ship R22* units offer a 5 year registered limited warranty on compressor, coil and parts plus a known reliability.
  • The warranty period may have expired on the existing unit and future repairs could result in additional expenses.
  • If the existing air conditioner or heat pump is an older model, the efficiency and reliability of the repair is unknown vs. a matched R410A system or a Dry Ship R22 unit replacement
  • The older your total system is, the greater the opportunity for energy savings by upgrading to a new higher efficiency air conditioner or heat pump.

*Limited Availability